Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Wedding

Hey Friends,

I hope you all have been enjoying the blog so far cause I am having a blast writing it.

I thought I would devote this post to the hubby and I's wedding. I had been dreaming about this day for a very, very long time. Not just the day I was going to get to married but the day I was going to marry Josh. I had already practiced my future signature (been doing this since I was 14 and yes I have the math notes to prove it!) had visions of how he was going to react when he first saw me and was just so excited to plan everything!
Well the planning had been under way for awhile and we were all set to get married June 2, of 2012. The reception venue had been booked, dress had been bought, and now we were getting into the nitty gritty details. But then we got a surprise. Josh and I were expecting! We were very surprised and our families were also shocked. However, shock and surprise soon turned to happiness and excitement and so a new plan was made! November 19, 2011 was the new date, the reception was moved to the church, and now planning was in full swing! Thank goodness for my amazing organized mother-in-law because their was no way we could have gotten everything together with out all her help.
Needless to say we got it all done and it was the day of the rehearsal. I have to say the rehearsal itself was so much fun! Josh and I kept messing around playing slap hands while we were at the alter, laughing with our good friends, and just enjoying the evening. We also had a very special ring bearer who was not your usual ring bearer but a super ring bearer.

He was the protector of the rings!

Hubby and Mom :)

Me and my daddy :)

Hanging out at the front :) Hubby's brother Jeremy was the best man and I guess trying to entertain my MOH sister Kayla

We are clearly very entertaining :)

Later that evening we had our rehearsal dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse in downtown Houston and it was so much fun!!! The food was sooooo delicious, the toasts were wonderful and we even ended the evening with a lovely song written in honor of Josh and I by the Cole Family Singers. By lovely I mean it was the most hilarious song on the planet and a major highlight of the event :)

The Cole Family Singers

Me and my sorority sisters :)

After that Josh and I said our last goodbyes before we got married and the girls and I went back to my best friend and bridesmaid Erin's house for my bachelorette party :) While their were no bars involved it was a super fun night with my awesome girlfriends :)

The next morning my big Sara, my mom, and hubby's grandma hosted a bridal brunch at La' Madeline. It was a great way to kick of the fantastic day and I was so excited to be there with all the wonderful women of my family. It was very low key, relaxed and so much fun!

Such a beautiful and cozy table!

Me with all my gorgeous bridesmaids :)

At the brunch I got to give all my beautiful ladies their bridesmaid gifts :) I was really excited give them to them cause I had had so much fun putting them together!

After the brunch my dear friends Erin, Marie and I went to the church to hang around and start the lazy process of getting ready. My sister Kayla met up with us later and then Sara and Jill made their way to our room. We had so much fun getting ready, being silly, and just enjoying the day and being with each other. Of course little did I know that my dear soon to be husband was caught in traffic, shoes weren't fitting, things were arriving late, etc. I was blissfully ignorant and having a blast with my girls! :) 

Just got my make up done so I decided to do some model poses

My pretty sister

Girls havin' fun gettin' make-up on!

It was a total blast and the guys seemed to have fun as well. The rest of the blog will be pictures of the amazing day that Josh and I had dreamt of for a very long time. 

These beautiful arrangements were at the entrance of the chapel

The Chapel

Our invitations and programs

Seating Chart
I wanted to write Welcome Ya'll in those blank spots but it was forgotten. Oh Well!!! Still very beautiful! Hubby chalkboard all of the glass and Erin wrote all the names

Personalized cocktail napkins! My mother-in-law was obsessed! :) 

This table held family wedding photos from both sides as well as Josh's groomscake

My Something Borrowed! It is my big Sara's pin for our sorority :) The pink carnation is also our sorority's flower

Head Table

Our beautiful and delicious cake!

The start to my Willow Tree collection!

My Something Blue sewn on the inside of my dress and my something old is my bracelet made out of my great-grandmother's pearls.

DIY Table numbers!

All of our bouquets! Soooo beautiful!

Hubby's boutonniere 

All of us our pj's and sweatshirts :)

The guys had a pre-wedding snack :)

The Girls

The Guys

All dressed and ready to go!

Playing the waiting game

Me and my daddy :)


Up to this point in my life this was the happiest day and I am so blessed and thankful to have such an amazing husband, beautiful family and wonderful friends. 


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