Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey Everyone,

This weekend my sweet husband and I got to go to Galveston for a quick weekend get-a-way! We thought it would be good to have one last just us vacation and our dear family friends the Lindsey's were gracious enough to let us use their beach house!
Hubby came and picked me up from work on Friday and off we went! The traffic was awful but we were so happy to be together that it didn't seem to matter. I have always loved road trips with him :) It is a great time to just talk, listen to music, and just be with each other. When we finally arrived we started dinner (Hubby made delicious steaks!) and while we were waiting for the potatoes and corn to boil we played a few rounds of gin. He totally beat me but I definitely won the trash talking contest. :)
The next morning I woke up a little earlier then I wanted too so I went out and just enjoyed the morning. It was foggy on the bay but still soooo beautiful! I woke hubby up and while he did some fishing I cooked a quick breakfast and then afterwards we were off to The Strand! We walked around, did some people watching, went to lunch and while we were at lunch we ran into my good friend Kelly and her little girls! It was so much fun to see her and we were able to make quick lunch plans for later this week! Kelly is a co-worker from my previous job at St. Andrew's and she has the most bubbly and vivacious personality and you can't help but smile when you're around her.
After lunch we went to my favorite place on the whole Strand...La King! It is an old fashioned ice cream and candy shoppe that serves the best malts of all time! They used to have an old fashioned cash register that they actually used but unfortunately it's gone :( Still, the vanilla malt was fantastic and it started off the perfect afternoon for the beach!
We headed back to the beach house, got all of our equipment and made our way to the beach. It was perfect weather! The water was cold but not to cold for swimming, and the sun was nice and warm but the wind from the water kept you cool. We had a blast! Josh spent most of his time in the water and I was just enjoying the sun :) We wrapped up our Saturday night by cooking, watching some movies and just enjoying our time together.
It was such a great weekend and I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband :)

View from the front porch when we arrived. Beautiful!

 Josh thought it was really funny that we got parking spot 3 since there are 3 of us! :)

 Me in the golf cart at the beach!

Me and Hubby on the way to the beach!

Hubby enjoying the water

Caught a seagull in mid flight!

My artsy beach chair picture :)

Great Weekend!!!

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