Friday, October 5, 2012

It's been awhile

Hey Friends!

Well I haven't done a very good job keeping up with this blog so I am going to have to play some MAJOR catch up!

Since I last posted Emma was turning 1 month! Well in 4 days she is going to be 6 months old! Time has absolutely flown by!!! So what has been going on you may ask? Well... Here are some quick highlights

Josh Graduated from The University of Houston!!!
Emma slept pretty much the whole time but she was a very good girl during the VERY LONG ceremony (UH decided it would be smart to do graduate and undergraduate ceremony together! Don't get me started!). I am so proud of him :)

Fathers Day!
Emma made this very cute tie and Daddy wore it proudly :)

Sleep Emma and her Daddy on Father's Day

We were very proud of Daddy's new tie :)

First airplane ride!
We beat the heat and headed up to Washington state to visit Great Uncle Mike and Great Aunt Christy with a whole bunch of family. We all looked hilarious when were in the airport. 12 PEOPLE TOTAL!!! It was nuts and soooooo much fun! I'll have to do a separate blog post about that AWESOME trip.

All of us at the airport! It was seriously hysterical!

Our little family :)

All the grand kids! We just can't get it together

Sorta kinda :)

Soo much more to come! I still can't believe just how far we've come!

She is such a big girl!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

She's here!!!

Well friends it has been awhile! My last blog post had me at 39 weeks pregnant. Well I can tell you that little Emma arrived and we have had a crazy life since! Today I'll give you the scoop on how the birth was and then we'll just pick up life from there! 

I went to my OBGYN on April 5th which was 2 days before my due date. Husband and I were told that she weighed about 9.6 lbs and that she hadn't dropped down yet. Because of this combination we had some decisions we had to make. We could A) do an elective c-section or B) wait the weekend and see if she came on her own and if not be induced. Well we went for option B cause I really didn't want to have a c-section. So we waited...and waited...and of course she did not come. This was Easter weekend and since Husband works for a church everyone was hoping that I wouldn't have her until after Easter so that Husband would be around for the craziness.

Well dear Emma did not budge (I make a happy home I guess haha) and so Easter Sunday night (April 8th 1 day after my due date) Husband and I checked into the hospital  for cervical ripening (I kept envisioning fruit) It is basically a procedure where they soften my cervix to try and dilate and start labor. My nurse Thelma was so awesome and answered all of our questions, and was very patient. I was very anxious and couldn't sleep but my very nice doctor prescribed me some sleep medicine so Josh and I were actually able to rest that night.

The next morning (April 9th) at 8:30 they gave me my petocin and my labor started! All of our family came and hung out in the hospital but Josh was really great about not letting a whole lot of people in and making sure we were having alone time. He was also sweet enough to eat outside of the room so I didn't have to smell any food since I hadn't had anything to eat since 6:30 the previous night.  He is seriously the best husband ever and I would not have survived the day without him. 

We spent the day watching TV, and talking. My sister was in the room a lot of the time which was really great cause when my contractions started getting stronger I had her just talk none stop till they went away while Josh soothed me. I was pretty proud, I got to 7 cm before I got an epidural. Now that was an experience. 

Josh wasn't aloud to be in the room (had to be sterile, and I think they were worried about him freaking out when they saw the needle which I did not see and I am so ok with that) so since he wasn't in the room my AWESOME nurse Cathy was my person that I got to squeeze. They did the local which felt like a bee sting and then when they do the epidural it feels like a balloon is being blown up in your uterus which creates a lot of pressure and is slightly painful but then goes away right when you think this was the worst decision you ever made. I squeezed poor Cathy's fingers like their was no tomorrow and she was so great and just kept talking and keeping my mind off of what was going on. After the epidural my sister and Josh's brother had a blast watching the monitor as I would have a contraction and kept asking me if I could feel anything. Josh breathed a sigh of relief cause he was getting very antsy watching me be in pain and not being able to do anything except tell me to breath and let me push against him. 

Unfortunately around 7 my doctor came in and said that my contractions had done nothing! They weren't strong enough to push her down and I felt no urge to push at all so in the end I had to have a c-section. Josh went and told the family what was going to happen and then they all came in prayed. It was a really great moment. Everyone gave us hugs and kisses and then went back to the waiting room. Josh put on his scrubs while they preped me. As my nurses wheeled me towards the OR I'm chatting it up  like everything is fine however  I got super quiet when they lifted me onto the surgical table. The lights looked like really big honeycomb spaceships. Josh had to stay out of the room until everything was sterile and then he came in and sat by my head. By then I had gotten a stronger epidural so I couldn't feel anything from the chest down. I also was too scared to talk so Josh just kept talking to me. I think at one point he was so nervous that he just started talking to me about baseball. :) Finally at 8:08 pm Emma Marie was born! She was 9.2 lbs. and 21 1/2 in. long! They cleaned her up and then Josh got to bring her around so I could see her. Throughout the surgery my blood pressure kept dropping so when Josh brought her around I was fighting to keep my eyes open. Then they sewed me up (before Josh was allowed to go see Emma he stood up and watched them take out the placenta and stuff. I don't know how he did it nor do I know why!) As they were sewing me up Josh took Emma to the nursery where he was met by a ton of paparazzi :) Jeremy in his first uncle duty told everyone to stand back and stop cause it was too many flashes :) 

Back in the OR I was getting all fixed up and couldn't feel a thing obviously. When they took out my epidural they had to roll me on my side and the OR table is smaller so I was practically looking at the floor. Kinda freaked me out but I was also so out of it I almost didn't care then I was lugged onto my chariot and got rolled out (p.s. during this time I was shaking like crazy. They don't tell you this but after you give birth because it is such a hormonal shock to your body you shake like nobodies business) So I finally got rolled out and was greeted by my dear family and got to see Emma through the nursery window as she was getting her bath. (We later found out that when the nurse picked her up to show her clean self off to the family she fountain pooped all over her!) I then got wheeled into the recovery room and luckily we were able to have Emma in the recovery room so I got to do some skin to skin bonding and got to breast feed her which I had been really worried about. Then we hung out there for about an hour so they could make sure I was ok and then we finally got to our room. It was a very long day but it was absolutely the best day of my life :)

This was me the night before Emma was born. 40 weeks and 1 day!

Me right before my c-section

Emma Marie
9.2 lbs. 21 1/2 inches

Josh bringing her out to show the family for the first time

Me and Josh after surgery. Our first picture as parents!

First time I got hold her when I wasn't out of it.

We were in the hospital for the next 3 days. We had tons of family and friends come by which was so great and our nurses were beyond fantastic. I finally got to eat the day after she was born and I thought beef broth was manna from Heaven. I proceeded to order it for every meal :) Our time at the hospital really was wonderful although by the time the 12th rolled around we were ready to go home. The rest of this post will be pictures summing up this past month! 

Big yawn!

First night! Daddy snuggles :)

Close up!

Daddy is very infatuated with his little girl

This diaper changing kit was a gift from Nana (my mom) Josh was very prepared!

Four generations!

Emma's first close up!

Her going home outfit!

All ready to go!

Our first family picture at home!

First bath! I highly recommend that butterfly washcloth because she does not cry at all during bath time. It keeps her nice and warm!

Emmarito! All swaddled up :)

Dad had more fun with the toy then Emma did :)

Happy baby girl!

Getting ready to go for a sunny walk :)

She gets this silly face after Josh gives her kisses


Napping with Dad :)

My baby is 1 month old!!! May 9, 2012

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I am so blessed and happy to have such a beautiful baby girl an awesome husband. I love being a mommy and a wife :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

39 weeks and counting!

Hey Friends,

We had a lovely doctors appointment this morning and all is well with Emma girl! When the nurse was measuring her heart beat she woke up in the middle of it and so her heart beat shot up which made us all laugh :) Emma is pretty comfortable where she's at so I think this girl is either going to be on time or late! Either way we are down to single digits till due date which is super exciting!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey Everyone,

This weekend my sweet husband and I got to go to Galveston for a quick weekend get-a-way! We thought it would be good to have one last just us vacation and our dear family friends the Lindsey's were gracious enough to let us use their beach house!
Hubby came and picked me up from work on Friday and off we went! The traffic was awful but we were so happy to be together that it didn't seem to matter. I have always loved road trips with him :) It is a great time to just talk, listen to music, and just be with each other. When we finally arrived we started dinner (Hubby made delicious steaks!) and while we were waiting for the potatoes and corn to boil we played a few rounds of gin. He totally beat me but I definitely won the trash talking contest. :)
The next morning I woke up a little earlier then I wanted too so I went out and just enjoyed the morning. It was foggy on the bay but still soooo beautiful! I woke hubby up and while he did some fishing I cooked a quick breakfast and then afterwards we were off to The Strand! We walked around, did some people watching, went to lunch and while we were at lunch we ran into my good friend Kelly and her little girls! It was so much fun to see her and we were able to make quick lunch plans for later this week! Kelly is a co-worker from my previous job at St. Andrew's and she has the most bubbly and vivacious personality and you can't help but smile when you're around her.
After lunch we went to my favorite place on the whole Strand...La King! It is an old fashioned ice cream and candy shoppe that serves the best malts of all time! They used to have an old fashioned cash register that they actually used but unfortunately it's gone :( Still, the vanilla malt was fantastic and it started off the perfect afternoon for the beach!
We headed back to the beach house, got all of our equipment and made our way to the beach. It was perfect weather! The water was cold but not to cold for swimming, and the sun was nice and warm but the wind from the water kept you cool. We had a blast! Josh spent most of his time in the water and I was just enjoying the sun :) We wrapped up our Saturday night by cooking, watching some movies and just enjoying our time together.
It was such a great weekend and I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband :)

View from the front porch when we arrived. Beautiful!

 Josh thought it was really funny that we got parking spot 3 since there are 3 of us! :)

 Me in the golf cart at the beach!

Me and Hubby on the way to the beach!

Hubby enjoying the water

Caught a seagull in mid flight!

My artsy beach chair picture :)

Great Weekend!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Crave Party!

I currently work on Rice University in the Shepherd School of Music as a temporary office assistant. Next week is my last week and while I have really enjoyed my time I am excited to get the opportunity to stay home with Emma for awhile.
However I will miss the craziness of this place. The people that I work with are really sweet and they all have hilarious and unique personalities. I have the awesome advantage of being at the reception desk so I get to see and talk to everyone. Today 2 of my favorite ladies Mandy and Susie were trying to figure out where to go to lunch and we all got on the subject of Crave Cupcakes. It turned into a 20 minute conversation about cupcakes, baking, Paula Dean etc. Very funny and you could definitely tell it was Friday and no one wanted to be at work. So off they went to lunch only to return an hour later with cupcakes!!!

So we had a mini no-occasion party :)

This is our boss Gary. He is making a chart for the cupcakes! He went onto the Crave website and we figured it out by looking at all the pictures. 

"We take our cupcakes very seriously at the Shepherd School." - Gary

Crave Party!

They lasted for maybe 10 minutes!

Gary's chart!

Made for a very fun Friday afternoon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hey Friends,

This past weekend was a lot of running around, getting things done and basically my nesting instincts going nuts! Luckily I have a very sweet and understanding husband who is very helpful.

I woke up Saturday at about 8:30 full of energy so of course I couldn't stay in bed. Instead I went and made strawberry and blackberry Texas shaped waffles with bacon :) I wish I had taken a picture but me and hubby ate them too quickly :) After breakfast we went to Babies R' Us and got all of our last minute Emma stuff. It was a really fun trip and I was very proud of the fact that we avoided the baby clothes!

One of my major projects since we moved has been our master bedroom. It is so easy for it to become a junk space and I really want to avoid that. I'm also having a very difficult time stepping out of the box when decorating. So with that in mind we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond (yay for gift cards!) and purchased some items for the bedroom. More decorating needs to be done but I am really excited about our new comforter. It made the room look super cozy :)

We came home from our morning of shopping and watched some March Madness while eating pizza and then the hubby went off to work and I went about the house doing chores. I was able to get all of Emma's laundry done which was a major accomplishment, put the bed together, put away the new things we just bought and then I started packing my hospital bag. I realized I was missing a few things so I went off to Target with my wonderful MIL Susan/SuSu (thats her grandma name. so cute!) to get some last minute stuff and of course in the process ventured down the baby aisle and found Emma the cutest little outfit that had monkey's all over it. My dear hubby loves monkeys so it was very appropriate and I was really excited to show it to him.

Unfortunately while errands were happening our dear Grandparents had to suddenly put down their beautiful golden retriever Amber that morning. They had found a tumor in her intestine and couldn't do anything for her. Everyone took it pretty hard so that evening we went to our grandparents house and all had dinner together. It was really great we could all be together.

Our busy Saturday came to a close and Sunday brought more running around the house for me. I hung curtains, did our laundry, organized some things in Emma's nursery, and then I finally sat and couldn't get up! One downside to nesting is that you want to get tons of things done but your body doesn't always work with you :) I finally had to sit and I stayed there until hubby came home.

When he got home we started in on a new project which was hubby building the bassinet! I was sooo excited about this project and hubby was an absolute pro! The instruction manual was terrible, none of the pieces were labeled, he had to walk away a couple of times but after a nights rest  he got it done yesterday and it was awesome!

Manly husband!

So proud! We put one of Emma's loveies in the bassinet :) 

A wonderful weekend with a wonderful husband and family!