Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hey Friends,

This past weekend was a lot of running around, getting things done and basically my nesting instincts going nuts! Luckily I have a very sweet and understanding husband who is very helpful.

I woke up Saturday at about 8:30 full of energy so of course I couldn't stay in bed. Instead I went and made strawberry and blackberry Texas shaped waffles with bacon :) I wish I had taken a picture but me and hubby ate them too quickly :) After breakfast we went to Babies R' Us and got all of our last minute Emma stuff. It was a really fun trip and I was very proud of the fact that we avoided the baby clothes!

One of my major projects since we moved has been our master bedroom. It is so easy for it to become a junk space and I really want to avoid that. I'm also having a very difficult time stepping out of the box when decorating. So with that in mind we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond (yay for gift cards!) and purchased some items for the bedroom. More decorating needs to be done but I am really excited about our new comforter. It made the room look super cozy :)

We came home from our morning of shopping and watched some March Madness while eating pizza and then the hubby went off to work and I went about the house doing chores. I was able to get all of Emma's laundry done which was a major accomplishment, put the bed together, put away the new things we just bought and then I started packing my hospital bag. I realized I was missing a few things so I went off to Target with my wonderful MIL Susan/SuSu (thats her grandma name. so cute!) to get some last minute stuff and of course in the process ventured down the baby aisle and found Emma the cutest little outfit that had monkey's all over it. My dear hubby loves monkeys so it was very appropriate and I was really excited to show it to him.

Unfortunately while errands were happening our dear Grandparents had to suddenly put down their beautiful golden retriever Amber that morning. They had found a tumor in her intestine and couldn't do anything for her. Everyone took it pretty hard so that evening we went to our grandparents house and all had dinner together. It was really great we could all be together.

Our busy Saturday came to a close and Sunday brought more running around the house for me. I hung curtains, did our laundry, organized some things in Emma's nursery, and then I finally sat and couldn't get up! One downside to nesting is that you want to get tons of things done but your body doesn't always work with you :) I finally had to sit and I stayed there until hubby came home.

When he got home we started in on a new project which was hubby building the bassinet! I was sooo excited about this project and hubby was an absolute pro! The instruction manual was terrible, none of the pieces were labeled, he had to walk away a couple of times but after a nights rest  he got it done yesterday and it was awesome!

Manly husband!

So proud! We put one of Emma's loveies in the bassinet :) 

A wonderful weekend with a wonderful husband and family!


  1. I love your comforter and that beautiful weathered shelf over your bed! And I love the old window in Emma's room.

  2. Thanks Brittany! That picture is actually our room! I will put nursery pictures up very soon though!!!

  3. I love your blog, Whitney! I can't wait to see pictures of sweet baby Emma in the future! =)