Friday, March 23, 2012

Crave Party!

I currently work on Rice University in the Shepherd School of Music as a temporary office assistant. Next week is my last week and while I have really enjoyed my time I am excited to get the opportunity to stay home with Emma for awhile.
However I will miss the craziness of this place. The people that I work with are really sweet and they all have hilarious and unique personalities. I have the awesome advantage of being at the reception desk so I get to see and talk to everyone. Today 2 of my favorite ladies Mandy and Susie were trying to figure out where to go to lunch and we all got on the subject of Crave Cupcakes. It turned into a 20 minute conversation about cupcakes, baking, Paula Dean etc. Very funny and you could definitely tell it was Friday and no one wanted to be at work. So off they went to lunch only to return an hour later with cupcakes!!!

So we had a mini no-occasion party :)

This is our boss Gary. He is making a chart for the cupcakes! He went onto the Crave website and we figured it out by looking at all the pictures. 

"We take our cupcakes very seriously at the Shepherd School." - Gary

Crave Party!

They lasted for maybe 10 minutes!

Gary's chart!

Made for a very fun Friday afternoon!


  1. what a great end to the work week! =) I am glad you have liked working at Rice!

  2. Mini, no-occasion parties are the best! Those are fab!

  3. Maybe we should be cupcake bloggers together.