Friday, October 5, 2012

It's been awhile

Hey Friends!

Well I haven't done a very good job keeping up with this blog so I am going to have to play some MAJOR catch up!

Since I last posted Emma was turning 1 month! Well in 4 days she is going to be 6 months old! Time has absolutely flown by!!! So what has been going on you may ask? Well... Here are some quick highlights

Josh Graduated from The University of Houston!!!
Emma slept pretty much the whole time but she was a very good girl during the VERY LONG ceremony (UH decided it would be smart to do graduate and undergraduate ceremony together! Don't get me started!). I am so proud of him :)

Fathers Day!
Emma made this very cute tie and Daddy wore it proudly :)

Sleep Emma and her Daddy on Father's Day

We were very proud of Daddy's new tie :)

First airplane ride!
We beat the heat and headed up to Washington state to visit Great Uncle Mike and Great Aunt Christy with a whole bunch of family. We all looked hilarious when were in the airport. 12 PEOPLE TOTAL!!! It was nuts and soooooo much fun! I'll have to do a separate blog post about that AWESOME trip.

All of us at the airport! It was seriously hysterical!

Our little family :)

All the grand kids! We just can't get it together

Sorta kinda :)

Soo much more to come! I still can't believe just how far we've come!

She is such a big girl!!!

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